Orange/yellow and pine green shell flowers(12mm) w/ silver tone small beads

This is a pair of cute style earrings.   The flower shape and the color are designed beautifully for the fall season.   The nature shell color is reflecting its nature fashion., Nature Earrings, P.3

Orange flowers(12mm) & pine green flower shells(12mm) w/small silver tone beads. 

This is a simple style of nature shell bracelet.   The design is for autumn season.   The orange shells are just like the pumpkins with their pine green leaves., Nature Bracelet, P.1

Golden Mother-of-Pearl shell (nature), hexagon shape(16x14mm); diamond shape(14x8mm); w/ golden seed beads.

It is autumn!!   The color of this bracelet is beautifully fit into the autumn season.     Different shapes of the nature shell is its style., Nature Bracelets, P.1

Blue nature median shell chunk w/ blue silver-lined seed bead at bottom

The shape of nature shell chunk is unique and makes its own style.   The nature shell color is showing off its beauty on this pair of earrings., Nature Earrings. P.1

Teal (dye) nature shell chunk (17mm, 20mm); diamond shape; Black leather string, 14in., w/ 1.5in., extend

This necklace is designed with beautiful nature shells w/ its nature diamond shape.   Its style is simple and focus., Nature Necklaces, p.1